LEARN with Enthusiasm, LEAD with Humility, SERVE with Respect

Welcome to St. Mary School! We look forward to a great year ahead, with new friends, new teachers, new resources and a phenomenal new ENERGY that promises to make this year a banner year for active learning!

Thanks to the abundant generosity of our parish families, school families and friends of SMS, we have purchased 103 new chromebooks, software, and charging carts that will enable us to provide many more interactive and collaborative experiences within our classrooms – using technology to support our educational goals. We’ve also updated our technology infrastructure to meet the expanding needs of our online presence.

Our parent survey has helped us to focus on our Catholic identity, communication, volunteerism, and classroom life as we plan for more prayer, retreats, and faith-centered excursion opportunities; implementation of an enhanced mentor program for all our new families; improved outreach to increase parent engagement in all our SMS activities; and – in addition to ongoing professional development for our faculty – more opportunities for common planning time/communication/consistency across grade levels.

Our School Board of Limited Jurisdiction is populated by talented and dedicated members of the St. Mary’s Faith Community.  These dedicated volunteers have created a Five-Year Strategic Plan, which can be reviewed by clicking on this link SMS Strategic Plan

Bright, shiny and NEW – that’s how we’re entering the 2016-2017 school year! The family of St. Mary’s Faith Community is the wellspring of our new energy, and we thank you for being a part of the vision and mission of St. Mary School!

Mary Jo Aiken, Principal