On Ash Wednesday, March 1, we held our first school-wide retreat. This was an important opportunity for all our students to take a day to reflect upon the choices Jesus made on His road to Calvary: choices for us and for our salvation. Our theme throughout all of Lent is: WHO YOU ARE MAKES A DIFFERENCE and amid our retreat, students began the day with classroom activities using our new character education program. Ash Wednesday Mass followed for the entire school – even our littlest Montessori children. The day continued with mini-lessons and activities including faith-filled scavenger hunts, Prayer Room meditations, presentations on Catholic Relics by Donna Vazquez, building crosses and weaving rosary and chaplet bracelets, discussion of life challenges, presentations from Father Dave Richards’ In a Word series, and talks from special guests including Mr. Mark Fenz, and our own treasured Father Andrew.

The HSA-sponsored Peaceful Classrooms presentation of Rise Up! – with a focus on personal responsibility and the choices we make – was our culminating activity for the entire school and it was wonderfully received! Thank you to teachers and special guests for the work they put into making this day a great experience for all our children.