JA for A Day recently came to St. Mary’s. In fourth grade the students discussed entrepreneurs in our community and talked about how businesses use resources to produce goods and services. The students pl... [continue reading]
Montessori Summer Adventures return to St. Mary School with three new themed sessions.  Our daily schedule will include introductory Montessori lessons, but each week will focus on a specific summery theme! Ou... [continue reading]
Kitchen Chemistry: A focus on the chemical dynamics of cooking and the preparation of healthy foods. Rockin’ Roller Coasters: The physics, design and development of roller coasters and roller coaster competit... [continue reading]
The Montessori approach to education is scientifically based upon each child’s developmental level. For our 3-6 year olds, it provides a rigorous curriculum in Practical Life, Sensorial, Geography, Mathematic... [continue reading]
St. Mary’s School offers a curriculum that prepares students for the next academic level and for life. All subjects are taught according to the New York State Common Core Curriculum and Diocese of Buffalo Dep... [continue reading]