ATTENTION:Parents of 3 – 7 year olds. Back by popular demand – St. Mary School’s SummerAdventures for all children ages three through seven. Children will have fun while learning summer STREAM con... [continue reading]
Montessori Summer Adventures return to St. Mary School with three new themed sessions.  Our daily schedule will include introductory Montessori lessons, but each week will focus on a specific summery theme! Ou... [continue reading]
Kitchen Chemistry: A focus on the chemical dynamics of cooking and the preparation of healthy foods. Rockin’ Roller Coasters: The physics, design and development of roller coasters and roller coaster competit... [continue reading]
The Montessori approach to education is scientifically based upon each child’s developmental level. For our 3-6 year olds, it provides a rigorous curriculum in Practical Life, Sensorial, Geography, Mathematic... [continue reading]
St. Mary’s School offers a curriculum that prepares students for the next academic level and for life. All subjects are taught according to the New York State Common Core Curriculum and Diocese of Buffalo Dep... [continue reading]