Letter to Parents for School Meal Program 2017-18 Application for Free and Reduced Meals 2017-18... [continue reading]
St. Mary School continues to participate in French Toast’s Dollars In Uniform Program™! St. Mary’s earns 5% cash back on every uniform order placed by phone at 1-800-373-6248 or when you Click Here. First... [continue reading]
PEANUT-TREE NUT SAFE SCHOOL – 17:18... [continue reading]
At school, being “in uniform” means more than simply wearing the designated St. Mary’s clothing and shoes. Emphasis is placed upon neatness, cleanliness, appropriateness and comfort for work at school. Cl... [continue reading]
Handbook 2017-18 SMS Parent-Student Handbook Drop-Off Guidelines To keep our children safe, the following guidelines have been created for morning drop-off. Drop Off Guidelines 2016-17 Bus Rules Please take a f... [continue reading]
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