Future City (grade 6-8): A national competition and challenge to create cities of the future that meet specific engineering criteria.

Homework Clubs (grades 3-5 and grades 6-8) : After school opportunities to begin homework with a grade-level teacher available to answer questions.

Rising Stars (grades K-2): The Rising Stars Challenge is made up of two parts. The Rising Stars Team Challenge is designed to provide an open‐ended activity worked on for several weeks in which the children will learn about the theme of the play and about making up a story, playing roles in a performance and creating costumes, background and props. The second part, The Rising Stars Instant Challenge, gives the children the opportunity to work together as a team while solving a short, time‐driven challenge.

STREAM Academy Opportunities

Kitchen Chemistry: A focus on the chemical dynamics of cooking and the preparation of healthy foods.

Rockin’ Roller Coasters: The physics, design and development of roller coasters and roller coaster competitions.

Lego University: A weekly challenge to build a structure or environment using Lego building blocks.

PEAP Academy: Our Primary Education program that challenges our little ones to build structures related to their academic studies and stories: A chair to hold Goldilocks without breaking; the Tower of Babel, and more!

Robotics: The design and building of robots to complete a lifting task. Regional competitions of design and function take place.

Additional Opportunities include:

Accelerated Readers Club:  A reading challenge program enabling students to accumulate “points” at various reading levels.

Advanced Choir: Upper elementary students audition and perform advanced musical selections at Mass and at Choral Concerts.

Art Club: Hands-on activities and lessons in drawing, sculpture, 3-dimensional art and ceramics.

Band (grades 3-8): Paul Effman Music coordinates this program for new and experienced musicians, with an emphasis upon performance.

Drama Club: Two theatrical and/or musical productions are presented each year.

Gardening Club: A spring planting and fall harvesting activity with our master gardner: Sister Suzanne!

Music Lessons:  After school music instruction offered by Mr. Schmid

Science Club: Weekly hands-on activities in physics, chemistry and life sciences that challenge the imagination!