The Foundation for Inclusive Catholic Education (FICE) named Sheila Kahrimanian, St. Mary’s sixth grade teacher, the first Inclusive Educator of the Year.  

“Sheila Kahrimanian has become an advocate, a role model (for colleagues and students alike) and a confident instructor of students with special needs,”  said Mary Jo Aiken, principal. “She goes the extra mile to differentiate and reach all students at their learning levels, working additional hours meeting with colleagues and family members to identify needs and optimize classroom experiences, an dedicating herself to providing each child who strives in his or her own way, to feel and know success.”

Mrs. Aiken continued:  “Sheila knows that she has gifts to share with all her students and she does so – every day – in a school where all are welcomed.”

FICE’s  mission is to support families, educators and schools with the advocacy, knowledge and resources to help students with special needs experience the spiritual and academic richness of a Catholic education.