The idea of emphasizing the subject areas of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math has been driven by the business community to prepare a more agile,educated workforce for our country’s future. However, in recent years, it has been increasingly evident that our economy is truly driven by innovation and the creativity and communication nurtured through the Arts is an essential component to innovation and worthy of emphasis as well.  Rooted in our faith as a Catholic school, Religion is woven throughout all subjects and completes the picture for a holistic approach to education.  As a STREAM schoolSt. Mary’s uses an interdisciplinary approach to bridge subject areas


STREAM education allows academic concepts to be coupled with increased real life application in all the disciplines.  Students become involved in hands-on projects where problem solving, collaboration, and the results of their efforts make lessons more relevant than a textbook alone.  Increased technology to enhance learning is emphasized, and career  connections as well as exposure to working professionals further relates students to their own learning and their futures!  It helps answer the “Why are we learning this?” question.

STREAM Academies

To enhance, students have the opportunity to participate in after school clubs

Kitchen Chemistry: A focus on the chemical dynamics of cooking and the preparation of healthy foods.

Rockin’ Roller Coasters: The physics, design and development of roller coasters and roller coaster competitions.

Lego University: A weekly challenge to build a structure or environment using Lego building blocks.

PEAP Academy: Our Primary Education program that challenges our little ones to build structures related to their academic studies and stories: A chair to hold Goldilocks without breaking; the Tower of Babel, and more!

Robotics: The design and building of robots to complete a lifting task. Regional competitions of design and function take place.